• Ideas
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Inauguration
  • Each idea included on the platform could integrate NO.V.A. house!
  • The NO.V.A. house will be designed using the ideas people submit for a better world.
  • All participants can follow the house construction via our social media websites. Follow us!
  • Participants who have actively collaborated with ideas can be invited to the house's inauguration and even live in it. Read the competition regulations!

Who has joined the discussion

Find out who is taking part of the "We are Living Tomorrow" movement


Thinking about the future

We talk about innovative solutions that will make life better in the future based on real problems that affect us today.

“The future we built one step at a time, every day. We can't wait for it to arrive and then try to make a difference. We have the power to change things.”

"We are living tomorrow" is a movement whose main goal is to bring people of all ages together and find innovative solutions to improve our lives. Based on our current problems, expectations and needs, we want to find alternatives for a better future. The initiative is being implemented by Ampla, an energy distribution company in 66 cities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with PUC-RJ and the FGV.

The movement is based on social mobilization and collaboration. We want to debate issues like sustainability, innovation, technology, family, mobility and smart spending.

Based on a crowdsourcing platform, thousands of people will be able to submit their ideas to help develop solutions for our homes in the future.

Based on the logic behind collaborative participation, everyone can interact via the platform and compete for prizes. Those most involved will even have an opportunity to live in the NO.V.A. house.

What are you waiting for? Come and think about tomorrow with us!


The future starts here.

Real change - transformational change - begins at home.

“Mudanças de verdade – de caráter efetivamente transformador – começam dentro de casa.”

Our current homes have a number of problems. They are not smart, they have too many devices and use too much power. Wouldn't it be better if we could change this? Wouldn't it be better if we could bring a wide range of ideas together and produce solutions capable of changing this situation, based on the difficulties we currently face?

This is our idea! The "We are living tomorrow" movement is built around a network of people who can change the idea of housing by working together. With everyone's help, we can think about lots of things that will bring products and processes that are more innovative and efficient than the ones we use today, and help build the NO.V.A. house.

Real change - transformational change - begins at home. The path to a better future for us through education and cross-generation interaction. Parents and grandparents have an opportunity to pass along their values and knowledge, but also have to face the new and daring ways that younger people view the world. We want to bring this experience to the "We are living tomorrow” movement's platform and involve people of all ages in this debate. This means everyone will have a chance to teach and learn.

Living Together

This is the key phrase: living together. "Live with", "live together". Many of our everyday decisions and choices, however mundane they may appear, give us an opportunity to change our lives - and the lives of those around us. For the "We are living tomorrow" movement, change begins at home. It is in the innovative attitudes towards everyday gestures. It is in the smart initiatives that become routine and involve the family, the neighbors, school and work.

If we understand that a home is like a cell than can multiply thoughts and influence lifestyles, then we have an opportunity: why not create a space to bring together the biggest advances from the market, from university research centers and from companies to drive smarter spending and a more functional and practical life?

The Internet of Things has shown us that by using the right links, we can have a healthier, more practical life and more free time. We can make this come true by working together!

Using thousands of ideas, we will build a house in Niteroi/RJ that will be our big laboratory, bringing a challenge into people's everyday lives to live more sustainably, with greater environmental responsibility and in pursuit of a better future. People who joins us here on the "We are living tomorrow" movement's platform, contributing with their ideas and debate, will have a chance to live in N.O.V.A. house and see how these changes work in person.

Help us to build this home

What do we need in a place like this? What bothers you daily and what could be different? Where do we sleep, watch TV or hang out with friends? How can we use less water and electricity? Join the debate and help build the N.O.V.A. house.

Come and build the future with us!

NO.V.A. house

If you could start building the house you will inhabit in 2040 today, what would it be like?

How would it be different? How would the rooms be laid out? What would the walls and ceiling be made of? What would our appliances be like? What technologies would make our lives easier?
There are so many questions that come up when we think about the future, that is why we need your help to design NO.V.A. house. Bring your answers. But bring more questions as well. Join the discussion. Agree and disagree. Share and discuss. Interact.
Using our house as a starting point, we will be able to change our own lives, driven increasingly by our desire to change the world - which is home to us all.
Bring our ideas, but don't stop there. Like and discuss other people's ideas. The most you interact, more points you earn. And remember: your points are worth prizes on the platform, ranging from talks up to a trip to Milan!

Improvements in the electrical system, devices connected to the internet, automatic food restocking systems... Many ideas are being discussed by the participants! Be sure to check and interact. Your help is essential to build NO.V.A. house!

Send us your idea! * You will be directed to a website in Brazilian Portuguese.